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“An hour well spent” Something I had not done before and not sure I would have done it my family had not taken me along but I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone. An hour was a challenge without seeming impossible, the clues were well thought out and appealed to all of us as a group rather than just to one of... alanardron


“So much fun !” I've done other escape rooms but this one was particularly good because it has unsuspecting twists ! It was quite hard which is good as it ups the suspense but we made it out just in time. The guys were lovely and would definately go back when they have their second room up and running Jessicalockett93

Xander T

“Fun for all the family” I've done a couple of these in leeds with my friends before but decided to go with my parents this time - some of the puzzles were a little tricker than I'm used to but all very clever and thematic. A little spooky in parts but works for all ages. I look forward then opening their 2nd room. Xander T


“Awesome escape room! Was pleasantly surprised” Even though I have done an escape room once before in Leeds, I hadn't heard of this place until a me and my friends were given a flyer that gave us a discount for our game. Because we were in the area we decided to give it a go and it was definitely worth it. The puzzles were challenging but... amlloyd


“Super fun!" I had a really good time there, staff were very friendly! Puzzles were challenging but not difficult. Overall I recommend it to anyone. fleurmottram1

Attila S

“Best game ever!” Great game. People working there are very welcoming ! I can't wait to try another room with friends! Would recommend . Attila S

Katherine Findlay

Honestly didn't know what to expect as I've never done anything like it but had a great time � It's basically an interactive puzzle, it was so much fun the time just flew by. I can't wait to try another room with friends! Thanks so much to the team at ParaPark � Katherine Findlay

Attila Szatmáry

Sandor our game controller was excellent The room itself was well set up with a "Haunted" theme and the puzzles were challenging but interesting. We got out with little time to spare. I'll be back. Attila Szatmáry

Léa Meyer

Very good experience, I loved it. The atmosphere is perfect, music, darkness... People working there are very welcoming ! I'll definitely go back to beat the clock... again Léa Meyer

Leah Wilkinson

Best escape room I've been to so far! Leah Wilkinson

Laura Amy

I've done 3 escape rooms now and this was by far the best. Great theme! Laura Amy

Jessica Lockett

Quite hard which is a good thing but we did it ! And a few twists ..... ! We Definately will be back to do their next room ! Jessica Lockett

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110 Vicar Lane

Phone number: 0113 450 0986

110 Vicar Lane

0113 450 0986

110 Vicar Lane

0113 450 0986